Viking School Class of 2017 graduation

Twenty-nine members of Viking School’s Class of 2017 participated in the graduation exercises on Friday, May 26.

Timothy Anderson, Gena Ash, Keatz Barber, Nathalie Belleza, Hayden Brandt, Braedon Buttner, Tori Carrington, Matthew Carter, Samantha Culbert, Peyton Erickson, Larissa Golka, Logan Haeberle, Keanna Hollar, Amy Jakubec, Kendall Jober, Logan Josephison, Lucas McLeod, Katilyn Maxwell, Lincoln Minchau, Michael Mizera, Kandis Myren, Kyle Newby, Kaylee Radford, Diego Ramos, Bradley Russnak, Trevor Schmaus, Dawson These, Leah Wilkins, and Dalton Zemanek all walked across the stage.

The night began with a banquet supper, catered by Food with Flair of Viking, for the grads and their families. The ceremonies commenced following this, with the grads in their best formal suits and dresses making their way onto the stage.

The ceremonies were emceed by teachers Melissa Zuk and Robert Shaw who shared Viking School teachers’ favourite memories with all of the students… for more see the May 30/17 Weekly Review

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