On Feb. 27, police received a complaint of a suspicious vehicle parked in a residential area in Viking. When police attended the location, the vehicle in question was no longer on scene.

On Feb. 28, police received a request from Alberta Fish and Wildlife to put an injured deer down that had been struck by a vehicle on Secondary 619. Police attended and dealt with the matter.

On March 1, police received a complaint of theft from a vehicle in Kinsella. The complainant advised culprits had rummaged through her vehicle and stole a quantity of loose change. Police have no suspects at this time.

That same morning, police were advised of an attempted theft of fuel from a rural location that had occurred the previous night. The complainant advised the thieves had not been successful in their attempt as no fuel was missing and there was no damage to the pumps.

Also that day, police received a complaint regarding… FOR MORE SEE THE MAR. 7/17 WEEKLY REVIEW

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