Unsightly premises bylaw also deals with travel trailers on the streets

    Viking Town Council met on the evening of July 18.

    The meeting began with an addition to the agenda, as a letter was received from Beaver Municipal Solutions regarding the Beaver Regional Waste Management Services Commission.

    The minutes from the June regular council meeting were adopted.
    The financial report was adopted.

    The current action plan was presented, with completed projects being noted.

    “There are some things that are still not done and still being worked on,” said acting CAO Allen Harvey.

    “In my opinion, there’s been a lot of progress,” said Mayor David Zayonce.

He then asked about possible legislation regarding holiday trailers being parked on the street.

    Zayonce stated that he has received complaints about the length of time that trailers have been parked, as well as slides being put out and blocking roads and sidewalks…. for more see the July 26/16 Weekly Review

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