East Beaver County food bank useage up over 500% in two years

Food bank-Onel's Concert

The Viking and Holden Area Food Bank was unfortunately very busy this past year.

Not including Christmas Hampers, 126 food hampers were given out to residents of eastern Beaver County through 2015 – an increase of 112 per cent from 2014, and a staggering 508 per cent increase since 2013.

Alberta as a whole had a large increase in Food Bank usage in 2015 (a 99 per cent increase over 2014) however not quite as big a jump as we saw in our region…

…“Since summer, and especially through December, Viking residents and businesses have really stepped up to help their neighbours.

At Onel Potgieter’s Christmas concert in Kinsella, the amount that was donated completely filled my car!

… for more see the Jan. 12/16 Weekly Review

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