Word on the Street: Viking RCMP report

  On Sept. 23, police received a complaint of an abandoned vehicle parked on the lawn in front of a local business. The registered owner was spoken to and he advised he would move the vehicle by the next day.

    Later that day, police received a complaint regarding youth riding dirt bikes in town. The complainant advised the youth were spraying dirt onto her driveway when riding the bikes.  Police attended and spoke with the youth and a parent, and all denied the allegations.  They were advised they would face consequences if their actions continued.

    Also that afternoon, a citizen contacted police to report an ongoing problem with loose dogs running around on the streets in a residential area.  Police made a patrol in the area but could not locate any dogs. A phone number for animal control was provided for any future occurrences.

    That evening, police received a complaint of mischief at a residence in Viking.  The complainant advised there were three youth knocking on her windows and then running and hiding.  She believed she knew the identity of two of the suspects.

Police attended and spoke with two youth who denied involvement.  They were advised if police had to return to deal with them again that night, they would be arrested and charged.

For more see the Oct. 1/13 issue of the Viking Weekly Review

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