Massive load the size of an Olympic pool heading down Hw 14 then up 36 to Fort McMurray starting 1 am Tuesday morning

This Tuesday Feb. 26 from 1 am to 7 am a vessel will be hauled down Hw 14 the size of an Olympic swimming pool or 290 half ton trucks.

It will be travelling from Edmonton to Viking where it will turn up Hw 36. The haul is expected to be at roughly 25 km/hr. It is heading to Fort McMurray and is expected to take 5 DAYS!

The convoy, with the 780 metric tonne container, measuring 11.5 metres high, 8.9 metres wide and 85 metres long, will pull over to let traffic pass when possible, or pilot vehicles will guide traffic around the load when it is safe to do so. This will minimize traffic delays as much as possible.

Travellers are asked to drive with caution and patience when the Mammoet Canada convoy is on the road. Motorists are reminded that they are required to obey pilot support staff directions.

Motorists, including commercial vehicles, can select alternate routes based on the convoy’s travel schedule outlined below: Feb. 26 from 1 am to 7 am:

Edmonton departure from Dacro Industries Inc., 9325 – 51 Ave. to Highway 14.

Depart Highway 14 east. Travel to Highway 36. Follow Highway 36 to Two Hills.

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