Darryl Sutter leaves Viking area farm with intentions to win another Stanley Cup

Darryl Sutter in the summer when he brought the Stanley Cup to his home town of Viking for both young and old to enjoy

    It’s “game on” and Los Angeles Kings Coach Darryl Sutter says he is ready to get back to work.

    From his farm just east of Viking, Sutter spoke to the Weekly Review Tuesday, Jan. 8, a day before leaving for Los Angeles.

    It is the third lockout Sutter has faced in his NHL career, so although he says he is anxious to get back down to the business of coaching, his voice is controlled and calm as he talks about the number of days he has to put his players through their paces before the team takes to the ice for its first game of the shortened season.

   “Right now it looks like the first game for us will be January 19. That was how the original schedule was set and if a deal is ratified,  I imagine the same starting date will be followed.”

For more see the Jan. 15/13 issue of the Viking Weekly Review

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